Wandering Islands 3

Curated by Amirali Ghasemi & Tala Vahabzadeh
From Parking Video Library

“The Wandering Island” was first introduced as part of the exhibition LIMITED ACCESS II at Azad Gallery – Tehran in 2009. The selection aimed to propose a panorama of experimental video works while staying away from a thematic approach or forcing a narrative. The second edition of “The Wandering Islands”, was shown as a part of Limited Access Four at Aaran gallery in Jan 2013. The current edition of THE WANDERING ISLANDS is designed to act as an open platform for various disciplines and voices within the Iranian new media sphere, uniting people and their work in spite of the geographical distance between them and their varying fields of work. The program puts together works in a floating constellation, gathered to expand the borders of what we know as Video Art. These WANDERING ISLANDS are neither attached nor standing apart from each other, yet communicating through many invisible interconnecting paths.

Golnaz Esmaili | Your clamorous echo in ears of time​ | 2014 | 5’25”

Camera: Mahyar Sadr

This video taken from a humongous Iranian flag, which due to its sheer size moves as though in slow motion. The video is in real time. As a background sound, I have a slowed down, and stretched out version of Iranian National anthem.

Tara Kaboli | conflict | 2012 |1’43”

Arash Khosronejad |

Ramin Rahimi – Arash Mobarrez |CENAPSE #1 | 2014 | 2’22’’

Cenapse is a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

Imagine communicating a whole story into your nervous system. Without you consciously realizing anything.

Cenapse #1 is the fist installment of a series of experimental short films. The series is based on the idea of using special audio / visual stimulations to directly influence the neural pathways in the brain. Hypothetically creating an involuntary emotional condition in the viewer, similar to what can be experienced by watching a dramatic narrative.

Hamed Sahihi | | 2006 | 1’49”
The chance to see the angels is lost in a blink of eye

Amir Bastan | Landing | 2014 | 2’ 50’’
Using earth(shape wise) as a material to reconstruct a new world from a new personal perspective.

Zeinab Shahidi | STILLNESS

Zeinab Shahidi | Wavelength | 2014| 1’ 2’’

The sine wave is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation.
In physics, the wavelength of a sinusoidal wave is the spatial period of the wave, the distance over which the wave’s shape repeats.

Elaheh Farahani | The Shadows | 2008 | 5′

No matter where and when the picture figured! A memory of a wound this very around, shining of a little light that made me feel cheerful; a shadow in the heart of the darkness that sometimes got to be a tree, but wiping out. It got to be far, faraway . . .
An inopportune deliberation and despair happiness that now framed to keep alive the power of looking at the dark in me or maybe us.

Saman Khosravi | Suspect | 2014 | 7’ 51”

Behnam Sadighi | Unfocused Moments|2013|10′

Accustomed as we are, we pass by peeping at each other, close to each other yet unknown and inattentive. They and me are strangers to each other and untraceable.
On the sidewalks of Tehran streets and in the lights flickering, everything spaces at a glance by darkness. In the meantime, I run around slowly here and there in a labyrinth of pass-ways, and in a city that hides any sign of the existence of its people, I turn my head around in search of any familiar sound. Just in a moment when I am about to see familiar faces, they run away from me and disappear in the darkness.
I cannot recall them the way I see. Sounds do not guide you here. They only augment your wandering.

Hadi Fallahpisheh | Conquest of Paradise | 2012 | 3’

a single-channel video split into two frames about the american dream . one frame shows a wooden board with a basketball net , with white and red lines in the background . the other is a low-angle shot of a building and a white sky , in which blue and white balls fall like shooting start . the two frames portray an illusion of how the ball scores a goal and the dream of going to heaven comes true.

Amir Khashayar Ghasemi | peace in mind | 2005 | 1’40”

Morvarid Ghasemi Rahni | I am Not Alone

Behrang Samadzadegan |

Maryam Niazadeh |

Pegah Tabasinejad | DAILY MONOLOGUES

a video by Pegah Tabassinejad
Interpreter: Katie Van Buskirk DeVries
Sound track is selected from the Woody Allen’s Interiors
Superimposing parts on each other, interiors on outdoors, emotions on actions, the woman on things, her image on her image…
This is the first video I made. It seems too far from me now, kind of poetic in a sense, or sentimental. But it was me, the one that I can hardly remember.

Anahita Hekmat |Acrophobia | 2012 | 8’23”

How can we remember the passing time?
A lost memory, even recorded, captured, but cut out of its context, can just belong to the past, a time defined by its disappearance. The video attempts to deconstruct and re-construct a moment, a breath repeating to infinity in an empty space, virtual and endless.

Zahra Zavareh |

Allahyar Najafi | Snaily love | 2014 | 5’43’’

a scenario that is divided into two mutually exclusive or contradictory parts, situation in which two distinct parts exist, The phase of the moon, Mercury, or Venus when half of the disk is illuminated. the ability of unifying two distinctly opposing character in to a unique and individual , a figure of two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect some how kind of oxymoron.

Shirin Mohammad | Castration | 2014 | 3 ‘ 34’’

Listen to some music untill I’m done with this!

Zarin Salahi |Approaching Rest Area | 2014 | 2’17”

This film is a short glance from the side window of a vehicle in the road. It is not known that for how long the vehicle was driving in this road and how long it would take to get to it’s destination. The viewer is passively seated in the tightly closed space of the car’s interior and is watching

Arash Fesharaki | Workers say goodbye to the sun | 2013 | 2’59”

Its 5 p.m of an autumn afternoons day. Workers are destroying a building and the building breaks down in front of the going down sun . The day ends.

Omid Shayan | Moment – Family – Moment | 2012 | 1’49”

The moments are that we all have experienced or will. Short and repetitive moments. When the sweet moments and think, which unfortunately can not be repeated. Moments, special charm and attractiveness of their shortcomings, such as respiration.