Re-sonic Re-view

Curated by Sarvenaz Mostofey

Majority of projects in new media arts are being created under ephemeral circumstances, because of transitory nature of these projects, recording and archiving becomes an important undertaking. Preservation and re-presentation is of critical importance to the artists as well as the audience and the art spaces that are involved in these projects.

This program investigates various modes of documentations of sound installations/performances and how it can be perceived as an independent work and how this can generate wider audience for these kinds of projects. Re-sonic Re-view is an attempt to explore various experimentations in documenting sound, questioning if it can be identified as an independent medium itself. The program also seeks to demonstrate the evolutionary process inherent in the different approaches, in which sound plays a critical role in the artistic creation.

WAR SOUNDS Farahnaz Hatam and Colin M. Hacklander

Michel Waisvisz – The Hands  Ali Phi, Sohrab Motabar & Sina Shoaie

.phenomenon of the syllable virginie dubois

species of spaces Sarvenaz Mostofey

Ground,  Jeroen Uyttendaele and Dewi de Vree

OHHO / Body Cello, Wen Chin Fu

Shadow Puppet? , Mariska de Groot and Dieter Vandoren

Jonathan Reus – Satellite Skin

Rasping Music, Mohammad H. Zareei

‘WM_EX10 TCM_200DV A1.2FPP BK26′ Stefan Tiefengrabe